Top New York Restaurants File Compliant Against Il Buco as Megan and Lyanka Are Reunited

Several of New York City's finest dining establishments have filed a formal complaint with the United States  Department of Justice which claims that the Manhattan restaurant ll Buco violated the Fair Business Act of 1928 when they recently hired Megan Athena Tropea to work side-by-side with Lyanka Zema.

"Too much beauty in one room," glumly said Joel Robuchon, generally considered to be the wold's greatest chef,  whose Atelier at the Four Seasons Hotel has seen a major decline in business since Tropea and Zema reunited at the NoHo ristorante. "It's simply not fair to have Lyanka and Megan working together at the same place. Why would anyone come to my restaurant when they can go to Il Buco and witness the two of them?"

Megan and Lyanka - both of whom have three Michelin Stars - first worked together at Mozza in Los Angeles in 2006 where they teamed with such other stars including "Front" Paige Handler, Pilar "Champagne" Arias, Christine "Jersey Girl" Montes, Brooke "Sweet Greens" Burton and Kate "Cocktails" Grutman. . Many look back on those days at Pizzeria Mozza as the restaurant equivalent  of the 1927 New York Yankees. 

Hours after the federal complaint was filed, the NYPD announced that it would increase patrols along Bond Street  because of the massive crowds that have been gathering  nightly since news broke that Tropea had been hired.

"For the most part, the crowds have been joyful, but there have been some overly rambunctious types," said NYPD Chief William Bratton, who added two four-person teams have been added to Lyanka Zema's security detail. Tropea has so far refused the added security, Bratton said,  adding that "I think she likes being groped by the crowd."

To top matters off, Lyanka Zema unveiled a shocking new hairdo (see photo below ) that looks to be half-human,  half-lioness. 

"It's not fair," said Henri Soule, owner of Le Pavillion at 111 E. 57th Street  where business has been so dramatically affected by the Megan/Lyanka reunification that closure is imminent. .

One San Francisco chef was thrilled the two had been reunited. "I love it," said Dominique Crenn, chef of Atelier Crenn. "I want to hire them for my own restaurant."


Il Buco is located at 47 Bond Street, between Lafayette and Bowery.   (212) 533-1932

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