"Zamensky's Fall" To Be Played At Trump Inauguration

Speaking with a gravitas rarely heard, President-elect Donald J. Trump announced Wednesday that the classic American comedy "Zamensky's Fall" will be played repeatedly during his inauguration in January in hopes of bringing "tears of joy to an anxious nation."

The announcement was meet with universal bi-partisan support, 

"This is a game changer," said former Vice President and current devil incarnate Dick Cheney. "The 'Fall' brings people together, I don't care if you're a Republican or Democrat. A homo, a lesbo or a straighto. A Sunni or a Shiite. A Giants fan or a Dodgers fan. Everybody loves Zamensky's Fall.."

MGM announced they would remaster the film to 70mm glory and add a "director's cut" in which the film's star Douglas Zamensky would narrate.

The movie tells the story of Doug, a young white man from Idaho whose attempt to make it big in Los Angeles is constantly thwarted by the demanding needs of the staff at an Italian restaurant and - to a lesser extent - by the demanding needs of some Rollin 60s Crips who constantly rob him

Doug wisely decides to move to Orange Country and becomes the general manager of Pizzeria Mozza, Newport Beach. It is here, in the restaurant's parking lot, in the mysterious darkened shadows of a Ferrari dealership, that the famous "fall' occurs.   

The film  - also known as "The Grand Fall of Douglas Zamensky" been shown in over 80 countries including France ("Le Grand Chute de Douglas Zamensky") and Uganda (Kuanaguka luu a Douglas Zamensky") is being shown currently at the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood. 

In the 2015 ratings of the best comedies of all time, the black and white film catapulted past "The Big Lebowski", "It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" and "Young Frankenstein" to move in to 2nd place behind long-time champion "Some Like It Hot.