Nancy Silverton Drops Bombshell in Kate Green "Wine Snob" Trial

During testimony that sent murmurs throughout this federal court room Monday  morning, Nancy Silverton may have unwittingly - and irrevocably - damaged the defense of nine people charged with turning Kate Green into a wine snob

"Where is Kate Green today?" innocently Silverton asked the defense attorney for the so-called "Wine 9", as she sat in the witness stand. "I'll tell  you where. She's at the Pebble Beach Food and Wine Festival."

"Miss Green is not on trial and she doe not have to be in court today," said attorney Morty Goldstein, Jr. "It is not reflection on my clients that she is simply at a food and wine festival. Who wouldn't want to be in Pebble Beach?"

"Yo don't get it, Morty," Silverton said. "This weekend is Coachella. That music festival that was Kate Green's favorite single event of the year. For years it was.  But, this yeas. she's at a food and wine festival.  If that's not a change in behavior. than what is? It's a shift from music to wine"

Obviously taken off guard, Goldstein had no further questions. 

Judge Dan Perrelli, who looked like had a few this morning, quickly adjoined court.

Cleamon Johnson, a court room observer, was overheard saying "Nancy just turnt out Kate Green."

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