Clinton, Sanders Rift Widens In Bitter Fight Over "Acceptable Number" of Kate Green Birthday Parties

Just as the Democratic Party hoped it would shifting into high-gear unity mode, a bitter disagreement has broken out between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders that looks to further fracture the party and unwittingly assist Donald J. Trump in his brash run toward the presidency. 

At issue is the number of celebratory parties held to commemorate  the birthday of Los Angeles resident Kate Green, assistant to famed American chef Nancy Silverton.  Green, whose was born sometime in the late 20th Century, has been celebrating this event for nearly two-and-a-half months in parties thrown by friends and by herself. And in an bizarre twist - even in this most unusual presidential campaign - the sheer number of parties have somehow managed to become an issue for the democratic presidential candidates.

Hillary Clinton, seeking to move in on Sanders more youthful base, has come out in strong support of the estimated 60 to 75 birthday parties held to celebrate Miss Green's birthday. 

Using her modified, "Go, girl" voice at a fundraiser at the Holmby Hills mansion of billionaire Sean Parker, Clinton enthusiastically said "Let the girl par tay! She works hard for her money." As that Donna Summer favorite played, Clinton made an awkward attempt to dance,  but was quickly restrained by three of her Secret Service agents. Still, even as she was led away from the makeshift stage, Clinton yelled out "smoky negronis for eveyone!"

Later, Clinton said she would support a bill in Congress increasing the number of socially accepted birthday parties - currently set  at four  - for individuals "as long as moderation is involved."

Sanders mocked that statement 

 "Moderation, my ass," said Sanders, speaking at a marijuana clinic in Hermosa Beach. "These so-called "KG" parties have become excessive bacchanals to the point where even documented Grape Street Crips members have declined invites. Besides, these parties are a slap in the face to millions of Americans don't have birthday parties because can't afford them due to the excesses of Wall Street."

Sanders also questioned the actual birth date of Miss Green.

"If this Kate Green woman actually has a birth date on the nights  of every party she has, she would be 106-years-old, " said Sanders.  

Trump, meanwhile, has maintained since the KG parties began earlier this year that they were good for the economy.

"When I become president, the KG parties will be held a lot more," said Trump. "I am not going to say how that can possibly be done, but my administration will make it happen."  

Green, reached at a "Family and Friends"  event at a soon-to-open bowling alley in Boyle Heights. would only say. "Bernie's just soiled because he wasn't invited. As for Trump, maybe Donnie's not as bad as I thought."

marouno green