Widespread Protests Breakout As Paris Prepares For Kate Green's Controversial First Visit

Even with security heightened in preparation of Kate Green’s inaugural visit to Paris, protests erupted throughout the City of Light as pro-KG supporters clashed with nationalists who demanded the Los Angeles socialite cancel her trip. At least 14 people were injured Tuesday evening, many by three day-old Poilane croissants thrown by opposing mobs in the 6th arrondissement, French authorities said.

“Go back to Modesto!”, several dozen demonstrators chanted in Paris’ Marais district where Green is expected to be housed in a high security building. They were referring to her hometown, often referred to as the “Paris of the Central Valley”.

Green, most famous for her flamboyant role as Nancy Silverton’s assistant, has repeatedly said in private that France was not her first choice for this highly anticipated trip overseas. Sources close to her, speaking off the record, said Green had tried to get into both Ramadi, Iraq, and Aleppo, Syria, but changed her mind after learning those two wartorn cities were running low on both Raveneau’s Le Clos Chablis and Echezeaux from both DRC and Henri Jayer. This outraged not only Parisians, but French from Alsace to Burgundy.

“Here’s a woman who a few years ago was prolly sipping, no gulping white Zin and wine coolers, a lass who likely considered Bartles and Jaymes wine royalty, a party girl who thought Cheval Blanc lost a match race against Seabiscuit and now she’s yapping about my Echezeaux?, “said Aubert de Villaine, co-director of the Domaine De La Romanee Conti. “It’s people like her that give us snobs a bad name.”

Other protestors who blocked the entrance to several highly regarded Paris bistros - including Le Comptoir, Verjus, Frenchy’s, Septime and the venerable Chez L’Ami Louis - held placards that read “Paris has some museums, too”, in ;reference to Green’s much quoted line “Museums are for tourists, I’m a traveler.”

Despite the widespread protests, many prominent French were looking forward to her visit.

“I can’t wait to see her again,” said Alain Ducasse, 62, a cook from southwest France. “Maybe she can get me into Osteria Mozza.”

Nancy Silverton didn’t get all the fuss.

“Once the customs officials at Charles de Gaulle airport see her passport, I seriously doubt they’ll even let her in the country,” said Chef Silverton “She doesn’t even have a passport photo. What she has is a mug shot.”