One of the Most Entertaining Thrillers of 2013 - S.F. Book Review

San Francisco Book Review,  Nov. 11, 2013


--- Michael Krikorian is a professional writer, a journalist, showing the world he can turn his hand to fiction and, in Southside, produce one of the most entertaining thrillers so far this year. In this first novel, he’s playing safe by setting the book in LA, with his hero working for the Los Angeles Times. Not that the book is in any way autobiographical, of course. But the character of the hero draws on people the writer has known over the years. The result is both immensely thrilling and wonderfully informative. Indeed, a part of the fun of reading this book is the opportunity to learn more about the cultures in both the newsroom and on the streets where the gangs rule.

So here we go with the first in a series featuring Mike Lyons, a reporter on the gang beat in the Southside of LA with a shady past of his own and a habit of drinking while on the job. When someone shoots him in the gut, he’s not surprised, just a little puzzled at the timing. So then it’s a race to find out who took the shot before he comes back for another attempt.

- Reviewed by David Marshall 

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