A review of "Southside" by the Library Journal

This is the Library Journal review of Southside scheduled to run in the 09/15 issue.

Mike Lyons has made a name for himself as a gang reporter in Los Angeles, mixing with some of the city's most dangerous gang members. As he leaves a bar one day, Mike is shot twice and survives but has no idea who's gunning for him. After all, there are plenty of suspects to choose from. Unfortunately, an audiotape surfaces with Mike telling a gang leader how getting shot and surviving can garner instant respect, and the chief of police is eager to embarrass a reporter who has smeared the LAPD one too many times. However, Mike, who didn't set up his own shooting, is determined to find the shooter before he finishes him off. When others are attacked, a startling connection among the crimes becomes clear. 

VERDICT:  Former "Los Angeles Times" reporter Krikorian takes his readers on a quick and dirty ride through some of the most dangerous territory in L.A. in this fast-moving debut crime story of revenge and murder. The author knows his territory and isn't afraid to highlight the terrifying reality of gang life as well as the very human stories at its core, without ever resorting to cliche. His sparse style will appeal to readers who like their crime fiction no-nonsense and full of realistic grit.--Kristin Centorcelli, Denton, TX Copyright 2013 Library Journal (09/15/2013)