"Southside" on "Big Deals" list, $1.99 for Kindle Version 'til Super Bowl

When I first saw that Amazon had lowered the price of the Kindle "Southside" to $1.99 I was bummed. What is it, some bargain basement shit? I'm like 'fuck those motherfuckers'. I'm talking more trash than Richard Sherman on Michael Crabtree. Then, the pubic relations guy at my publisher emails me with a "Congratulations "Southside" was selected by Amazon to be part of their "Big Deals". I'm told this program gets more readers for the selected books and, somehow, that even gets more people to buy the hardback..

Oh, Okay. Like good for Amazon, They're a smart juggernaut . I take back what I ranted.

Most of my 467 Facebook friends, they've been too busy to get and read my book.  I get that. Or even too broke. I totally get that. I know sometimes $20, $25 for a book is a luxury one can hold off on. I hear a lot of "I'm going to get your book". But maybe now, with it at two bucks, the Kindle version, at least, some of them can  get what the San Francisco Book Review called "One of the top thrillers of the year."

Now, anyone reading this far, they are friends and probably already have "Southside", my first novel. So I'm asking you folks to help pump up Southside and tell your friends, even Facebook friends, that it is only two dollars and give it a shot..

In the words of Michael Connelly, "Southside has muscle, insight and all the right stuff. Krikorian is an exciting new writer who has put all his experience and wisdom to work here. ”