Internet Movie Site IMDB Possibly Hacked by Sony Loyalists As "The Interview" Gets 9.9 Rating

Either IMDB, the internet movie rating site, has been hacked by people loyal to Sony or "The Interview" is the greatest movie of all time. The site, which lists "The Godfather" and "The Shawshank Redemption" as their highest rated movies ever with 9.2 scores, has the controversial film about North Korean dick-tator Kim Jung-un listed at 9.9. Yeah. Nine point nine.

"Casablanca" gets an 8.6, "Lawrence of Arabia" an 8.3 and  "On the Waterfront" an 8.2. But, "The Interview" is coming in at 9.9.  And no, this is not a few votes. According to IMDB 38,956 votes were cast.

Check it out.

I didn't even know 38,956 people have seen this movie.  I won't be one of them when it is made available, but I bet Sony wishes 38,956 have seen it.

Hold up. Forget the lede. It just hit me. This movie must have been furrowed  into the North Korean concentration camp Hoeryong and the inmates watched it, loved it and voted. Aka "Penal Labor Colony #22", Hoeryong, located  in the northeast corner of North Korea, has housed up to 50,000 inmates so getting 38,956 to love a movie about off the guy who put them  - or at least keeps them - in prison would not be all that difficult. 

If that's the case, then one puzzling question remains.Why not a perfect 10