Man Shot to Death Monday Evening on 84th Street and St. Andrews Place

A young black man walking along 84th Street near St. Andrews Place died early Monday evening after he was shot several times by an assailant firing from a passing car.

The man, whose identity was not immediately known, was carrying a bag of snacks and was walking westbound around 7 p.m. on 84th when the car drove along side. The shooter did not get out of the car, authorities said, and the victim collapsed on the street.  

"Someone is waiting for their baby to come home and he ain't coming home," said a woman standing outside the crime scene tape and looking at the familiar white "murder tent" the LAPD had set up to keep the body out of view.  "Where's the protest for him? I mean, I know it just happened, but, I'm telling you,  no one is going to be protesting for this kid."

The neighborhood has for decades been a stronghold of the Eigth Trey Gangster Crips.

murder tent