Eight Trey Hoover Dies 2 Weeks After Being Shot

A 22-year-old Los Angeles man from Eight Trey Hoovers who was shot two weeks ago on 82nd Street near Hoover Street has died..  

The victim, Christopher Wayne Richardson, was standing with friends on March 6 at 1 p.m. in the 800 block of West. 82nd Street when attackers drove up in a silver sedan and opened fire. The victim dashed away, but at the assailants continued shooting, striking Richardson, aka Tiny Trey Soulja  He was transported to California Hospital in critical condition, but finally succumbed to his injuries yesterday, Wednesday, March 19.

"Christopher loved life and he loved helping people." said Kevin "Twin" Orange, a highly-respected gang intervention worker who hired Richardson for a summer job at Algin Sutton Recreation Center. "He was someone who made sure other people had food and other things before he did. That's probably what happened to him. He told everyone to run that day and he was the last one to take off and he got the bullet. " 

The shooting is believed to be part of the conflict between the Main Street Crips and the Hoover Street Criminals. Only hours before Richardson was shot on Hoover Street, Douglas Henry Wooley, 27, was killed at 97th and Main Street.  Wooley was not a member of the Main Street Crips, but family members are. 

An intense LAPD patrol presence, combined with near-around-the-clock detective work aided by gang interventionists has so far quelled further payback shootings. The community and police are hoping the death of Robinson will not spark renewed violence. 

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