"Nut" From Main Street Gunned Down Monday Morning

"Nut", a member of the Main Street Crips who was shot and killed Monday morning shortly after 9 a.m., was praised by local residents with so many glowing superlatives I had to stop twice and ask "We still talking about Nut here, right?"

Nut's name was Tijuan Folks, and he was 29. I didn't know Nut, but half dozen people praised him as a friend and neighbor. What will come out later from the authorities point of view, who knows. LAPD detectives on scene when I arrived didn't have anything to say, though one confirmed Folks was from Main Street.

The photo below is Folks trying to look hard, a friend said, But, he was, according to several other friends, "a good, All-American family man, who was positive. Humble. Generous. Would give his last to a neighbor or friend. Prolly even to a stranger."

Folks was struck as he either sat or stood near a burgundy sedan this morning. The shooting death heightened fears the ongoing street war between the Main Street Crips and Hoover Street Criminals would intensify. (See links below) In March, shootings connected to the two large gangs left at least two dead and several wounded. Douglas Wooley, 28 was shot a block away from where Nut died today.  Near 82nd and Hoover Street, three hours after Wooley died, Christopher Wayne Richardson, 22, was shot. He died of his wounds two weeks later.

Back on 98th Street, a woman who has lived on the block for 24 years was stunned by Nut's death.

"I am scared to let my kids play outside," said Vera Brooks, who agreed that when outsiders hear of "98th and Main Street" they assume there are killing here weekly. "The thing is, this is the first killing on my block that I know about, at least, in 24 years."

Her daughter, Shera Hill, stood and stared at the burgundy car were her friend died. "Nut was a good guy. Very polite, Never bother anyone. And always, always stylish. If he had on a turquoise shirt, he'd have on turquoise pants.  If he had on blue shirt, he'd have on blue shoes.  Yeah, Nut was put together."




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