Suspected "Serial Stabber" Arrested In Watts

A "serial stabber", suspected - but not charged - in at least two killings - and three non-fatal knife attacks in Watts this year, was arrested over the weekend in Nickerson Gardens.

Among the possible victims, according to street sources,  is said to be Samuel Lee Benton, Jr., known here as the "I'm Blessed Man", who was stabbed to death February 14 across the street from the Nickersons.

Early Saturday morning, an Asian man, about 30 years-old, was fatally stabbed on Imperial Highway near the gates of the projects and across the street from Hawkins House of Burgers. The man was described by Watts residents as a "homeless and harmless."   

The arrested man, who went by the moniker "OB", is fairly well-known in Nickerson Gardens and, according to several residents, seemed to have "lost it" about five years ago. He, too,  is about 30 years old, they said. 

"He was born in the projects, raised in the projects and went mad in the projects," said a Watts man who knows the suspect's family and spoke on the condition of anonymity. 

A family member of Samuel  Benton, who also did not want to be identified, said he was glad to hear of the arrest.

"Even if they don't convict him of Sam's murder, then I hope they get him on one of the other ones."  


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Sam Benton. the "I'm Blessed Man" may have been a victim of a serial stabber