Michael Koryta's "Those Who Wish Me Dead" is Thriller of the Year

Michael Koryta's new novel, "Those Who Wish Me Dead", is my favorite book  of 2014 so far, a soulful, beautifully written tale of the hunt for a 14-year-old boy in the mountains by two groups of adults; one who try to save him, the other who out to kill him.

Yeah, this MIchael Koryta is a friend of mine, but I'm not pulling out the superlatives for any book unless I mean it. I don't care of the book was written  by my parole officer. In truth, that a friend of mine - not named Connelly - could write a book this good makes it all the more impressive.

Set in somewhere in Montana's Beartooth Mountains, the boy, named Jace Wilson, alias Connor, has witnessed a killing and these bad guys are out to silence him. Having been told that witness protection is not protective enough for this kid,  a mountain survival expert agrees to take Jace to the mountains long enough to keep him safe so he can testify.

But, the bad guys find out he's somewhere in the mountains and come looking. Man, these two original killers are seriously chilling and methodical. 

Anyway. I'm not a book reviewer, clearly, but this book is very highly recommended. It's classified as a thriller - and it is thrilling - but, it's beyond that, it is simply a straight-out terrifically  written story, 

Check out Koryta's website.    http://www.michaelkoryta.com/

My favorite book of the year 2014, as of July 25

My favorite book of the year 2014, as of July 25