Man From Swans Neighborhood Gunned Down on 84th and Main Street

Family and friends of Joshua Brown, a "retired" Swans gang member and aspiring rapper, were baffled as to why the 30-year-old man would be anywhere near the Main Street Crip neighborhood where he was killed Sunday night.

"I can't figure out out what he was doing on Main Street," said friend Robert Williams, as he stood Tuesday night on 83rd and San Pedro streets and pointed to K.S. Market across the street. "All i ever saw him doing lately was walk from his mom's house to that store right there,"

Brown, once known as "Top Dog" and "QT", was convicted in 2008 of witness intimidation and threatening someone's life and served time in prison. He was a documented member of the 84 Swans, an infamous Bloods gang. But, his family said he had "retired" from gang banging and was concentrating on becoming a rapper.

Still, his past may have aided in his demise when two black males, according to sources, tried to intimidate him on Main Street near 84th Street.  When the two allegedly told Brown "You don't belong here," he replied, - once again, allegedly and according to sources  -  "I can go wherever I want to".

He was shot several times and transported to California Hospital Medical Center where he died. Police said the two shooters ran west toward Broadway. 

"They slaughtered my nephew like he was an animal," said his aunt, Ruby Brown, as she stood in front of a small duplex where Joshua grew up. "They shot him like he was a dog. We need to stop this black on black crime. These Crip and Blood killings have to stop. They are..."

"For nothing" added Brown's sister Nisha. "The killings are for nothing." 

Nisha numbly showed off a cell phone photo of Joshua, then, after about 20 seconds of silence. burst out laughing. 

Aunt Ruby walked her away then returned, explaining her niece laughter. "She's thinking about the good times with her brother."

"My nephew had left that gang life behind and all he did was work on his music," said aunt Ruby. "He made beautiful music. I wish you could hear his music."