51-Year-Old Man Shot to Death Sunday Night on St. Andrews and 85th

A lifelong friend of Carl Betts described him as "the cornerstone of his entire family". Today, that family is in shock after learning the 52-year-old anchor of the family was shot to death Sunday night near the car wash. on Manchester Boulevard and St Andrews Place. 

"Carl got along with everybody," said Kevin "Twin" Orange, a respected gang intervention worker who had known Betts since the 7th grade.  "He wasn't a gang banger. He was into sports."

"If you were around him, you better be prepared to talk about the Dallas Cowboys because he worshiped the Dallas Cowboys," said Twin, adding his friend was about six-feet, two-inches, and had a good three-point basketball shot.. "Even if I didn't want to talk about sports, he would make you talk about the Cowboys. Or the Lakers."

Sunday night, apparently someone wanted to talked about gangs with Betts, who grew up in a Hoover Street neighborhood but was never a hard core gang member, even in the 1970s and 1980s.

Police sources speculated that whoever killed Betts may have been looking to shoot a Eight Trey Gangster Crip, whose stronghold is the very neighborhood,  

"Someone asked him those three terrifying words, 'Where you from?', the source said. "They probably thought he was from Eight Trey because of where he was."