Two Saturday Homicides - National Guard Veteran Killed at 64th & Vermont, Woman Stabbed to Death on 83rd near Vermont

When LAPD officers responded Saturday afternoon to a disturbance call of a man with a knife at 83rd Street near Vermont Avenue, residents told them they had heard a woman screaming from a second floor apartment.

When officers went to the apartment they found a black woman, approximately 40 years old, bleeding badly from a knife wound to her stomach  She was pronounced dead at the scene.

A black man, 35-40, was  arrested and a bloody knife recovered.

No further details were available.

Earlier on Vermont Avenue near 64th Street, Charles Nevils, 33, was hanging out with several friends when he was shot. Neviles stumbled into Bottoms Up Liquor Store and died. 

His distraught family told KNBC news reporter Kate Lawson and KTLA's Ellina Abovian that Neviles was a good family man and veteran who had served nine years in the national guard.

"I don't understand the reason why they took my baby from me," his mother, Mira Bables, said as she stood near yellow police tape at the scene. She described Neviles as "a good father to his girls," ages 10 and 12, and said "he was a good son to me."

Adding to the sadness, Neviles deceased man's wife had died of cancer in 2009, the family said. 

"I would like for the world to know he was a very, very, very good person," said his sister Valerie Neviles.

Added Quintivia Abner, his niece: "He was a good father. He was a good uncle. So for somebody to kill him like this out here in the street wasn't right. We need justice."

Sorry for the cold nature of this brief report of two taken lives - and that local TV news was used,  but it is the only information available at the present time as this reporter is out of town. Still, I wanted to do something as these two stories will soon be forgotten and they shouldn't be.