Osteria Bar Back Oswaldo Lara Named Mozza Employee Of The Month

If you’re a worker in the front of the house of Osteria Mozza and drop something, chances are you won’t have to pick it up if barback Oswaldo Lara is anywhere around. He’ll snatch it up so quickly you might wonder if you ever even dropped anything. It’s that type of fast action and teamwork that has propelled Oswaldo to be selected as the newest Employee of the Month.

Bartender Bradley Sanford compares Oswaldo to an absurd character in the movie “Don’t Mess With Zohan” where Adam Sandler plays someone so intent on being part of a team he just waits for someone to spill something so he can clean it up. “Oswalkdo is the Zohan of Mozza,” Bradley said.

 Born in Guadalajara, Oswaldo began his Mozza career on  Dec. 2, 2014, full of energy and eager to please.  With his easy going personality and sense of humor, he quickly established friendships.

 One of his closest friends is Nacho who spoke in awe of Oswaldo fascination with “extreme sports”. “Like what?” everyone in the Osteria kitchen asked in surprise.  Nacho proceeded to show a video of Oswald competing in something called the “Spartan Competition” in Big Bear, a wild combo race like the Iron Man that includes  “running” through five feet of mud. 

 But, it was another bartender, Costa Giannakopoulos, who offered the kindest side of Oswaldo.   “If,” Costa said. “Oswaldo goes to get himself, say, Brazilian food, he will make sure he gets extra for us.”

 Then Costa goes behind the bar and appears with a “Go-Pro”, a small camera that mounts on a car or bike and allows the filming of your ride. “He got one for himself and he saw I liked it so he went back to the store and got one for my motorcycle.”

 That’s called being “Team Player”. And that’s why Oswaldo Lara is the newest Mozza Employee of the Month.   Next time your near him just drop or spill something. You’ll see what I mean.

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