Hastings Final Accident Report - Not the LAPD's, KW's


The Los Angeles Police Department's final accident report regarding Michael Hastings is still not finished and the lead investigator on the case said Friday it could be another two months before it is completed. 

Det. Connie White of LAPD's West Bureau Traffic is reliable in her response whenever Krikorian Writes calls. "I'm on another death investigation. I am swamped. I haven't finished with Hastings' final report.."

But, then she added "No one is going to have access to that anyway."

I really wish she hadn't said that.* 

Just when i was going to finally write my own thoughts, after several reports of quoting other people's opinion, after only writing the facts of the case from authorities and sources as I had learned them,  Det. White had to go and say that and bring back the "What are they hiding?" suspicions.   

As you recall - or maybe not since it's been so long - Michael Hastings died on June 18 this year in a dramatic car crash on Highland Avenue just south of Melrose Avenue in Hancock Park. The journalist's death understandably inspired conspiracies theories that a United States "black ops" had masterminded the "accident".   Hastings was best known for a Rolling Stone Magazine profile of then-general Stanley McChrystal who, along with his staff, badmouthed President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.  McChrystal was forced to resign as a result of the article.  To top that, Hastings was said to have been working on a report about the head of the CIA whose name escapes me right now. (Typing of the CIA, I'm kinda looking forward to seeing Saul get slowly killed by Carrie.)

Anyway, what seems like half a year ago, I came across the scene of the crash that June morning as I walked to Mozza to get my car that I had left the night before in the restaurant complex's rear parking lot. (No, I wasn't too drunk to drive.) An automobile, as mangled as I have seen,  was being dragged away from a palm tree and onto a flatbed tow truck. A LAPD officer, last name of Lee, told me the guy was dead and had crashed about four o'clock that morning  

My first thought? "Another L.A. drunk dies."

I told Officer Lee the restaurant's security camera may have captured the crash. It had. They got the tape. (Someone, WeAreTheSavageNation, put it on YouTube  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjaPHWNzTHQ  It has over 350,000 views.)

I never wrote about what I thought happened.  Then White comes up with that "no one's going to see the report" line.  As a reporter, the first thing that streaks through the  mind when someone, anyone, says something like that, is "You're wrong. I'm going to see that report."  

But, first, here's my final report,  I was gonna hold off.  but I'm not going to wait for an final accident investigation report. I've got Watts to cover. I've got my own death investigations and funerals to attend.     

So, not that hardly anyone cares, here's what I think. Michael Hastings wasn't the victim of a high power evil operations to silence him and any upcoming investigation he was undertaking. He just crashed. He sped without regard through a red light at the intersection of Melrose and Highland where there is a slight rise and his car went up on its suspension - maybe even lifted off the pavement a bit. He may have realized right then - delusional or not -  that he was going way too fast,  that he had made a big mistake. Mere speculation here, but I doubt in that instant he thought it was a fatal mistake. But, he knew he fucked up.  If he had any, the hairs on the back of his neck rose. A buzz coursed across his forehead to his shoulders.  Then, as seen on the Mozza video, he swerved, tapped his brakes, hit the curb, the front driver's side wheel came off,  a spark ensued, the rear of his car rose slightly, he hit a water pipe thingamajig, and then he hit a tree and bam! a big explosion and Michael Hastings was dead. 

A six weeks or so ago, two of his friends, who asked me not to use their names used, told me, without a doubt, Michael Hastings was murdered by the CIA or some dark forces.

But, as time went on,  they weren't so sure  Maybe it was just an accident, they both said separately in mid September.  One of them even consulted a psychic who contacted Michael Hastings Even Hastings, the psychic said, wasn't sure it wasn't just an accident.  How's that for proof?

But, the thing that set me off to be done with this story was this.   I was driving with a young friend at Highland and Melrose late one recent night. It wasn't four in the morning, but as I drove east along Melrose passing Highland I thought 'What if I had happened across this corner  in the early morning hours of June 18th at 4:21 or what ever it was.' What if someone else had. Some family getting an early start to a trip to Yosemite or Big Bear or anywhere. And our supposedly fearless investigative reporter comes barreling through and kills not just himself, but everyone else.    

There might now be a few more people out there that think I'm part of the coverup now. I've read several comments on the investigative website WhoWhatWhy.com and a couple others that stated such.

But, really, who would include me in any coverup?

 * "I wish she (he) hadn't said that."  Barney Miller. "Season One episode 11, part 3 or 3" Check it out starting at 2:45 or so. "Oh, no, No more Attica."