"Little Miss Salty" To File Lawsuit Against Angeleno Magazine

Calling it "beyond insulting", lawyers for Butterscotch Budino said they would file a Federal "Defamation of Character" lawsuit against Angeleno Magazine’s “Modern Luxury Digital Edition” for listing the Pizzeria Mozza legend as the 67th best dish in Los Angeles. 

Adding insult to one of America’s most beloved desserts, affectionately known as “Little Miss Salty”, was that a cousin, Chi Spacca’s Tomahawk Chop, was listed #1 of the city’s 101 “Must Try Tastes” by the online edition.

"We're happy for Tomahawk Chop’s recognition,” said Budino spokesman Duke Feldmeier. “Tom’s a good dude and he’s worked hard to be a champ. And I’ll raise a glass to Chad and Ryan and the whole staff there, too. But, to list Little Miss Salty as 67th?! That’s tantamount to saying we’re overrated. That’s sum bullshit.”

Mozza owner Nancy Silverton threatened to immediately pull Little Miss Salty off both the Pizzeria and Mozza2Go menus.

“I’m not going to have the 67th best dish, or, really, the 34th worst good dish in the city on my menu,” said Silverton, who added that replicas and even straight-out copycats of her and pastry chef Dahlia Narvaez’s budino (pudding) are served at more than 185 countries worldwide, most recently Namibia, Ceylon, Burkina Faso and Arizona.

News that the “close-your-eyes” good, “ooooh”-inspiring budino would be removed from the menu sent Wall Street into a tizzy and prices soaring for the dessert. As we went to print, the price for a single order of Butterscotch Budino was $475, exorbitant for some, but well within the budget for most Angeleno subscribers.

Silverton said the only consolation was that the 65th “must try” dish was the storied #19 pastrami w/coleslaw sandwich at Langer’s Deli.  “Maybe being in the rollin 60s is the best part of the list. You feel me?”

Two of the most acclaimed restaurants in the city, Melisse and Providence faired only slightly better than Pizzeria Mozza. Melisse chef Josiah Citrin’s  rotisserie chicken (with black truffles stuffed under its skin) came in 49th and Providence chef Michael Cimarusti’s “Chowda” ( a fancy clam chowder) came in 52nd.   

(For the ranking record, the grilled octopus at Osteria Mozza was listed 39th.)

Meanwhile, at Mozza’s “Magic Kingdom” corner of Highland and Melrose, there was jubilation at Chi Spacca for Tomahawk’s number one rating. When asked what the staff did to celebrate after hearing the news, General Manager Theresa Gluck said “We got tore up. Had a blast, if i remember correctly.”

Spacca's assistant manager Kate Blue gave Gluck a hard side-five and the two yelled "We're number one!" 

On the legal front, lawyers for Little Miss Salty are expected to formally files papers Monday morning at the United States Courthouse in the Edward R. Roybal Federal Building on Temple Street.  

Spokesman Feldmeier urged fans of Butterscotch Budino to come to the courthouse and show their support. "Little Miss Sunshine's been through a lot this week," Feldmeier said. "A show of love would be much appreciated."


Butterscotch Budino Recipe


Texted recipe of Tomahawk Chop from Chad Colby

"Double bone pork chop with all of the belly attached, Salt pepper fennel seed - grilled for 45 minutes -served mid rare with the belly chops charred through  (Easily #1)"

For a listing of the 101 dishes, try this; http://www.modernluxury.com/angeleno/digital-edition

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