Will Chapo Guzman Break Out of Jail? And if so, When? Top 10 Mac Park Quotes

This morning I heard that the Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, head of the mighty Sinaloa Cartel, has escaped from a maximum security prison for the second time, Guzman was last seen about 9 p.m. Saturday in the shower area of the Altiplano prison, 56 miles outside Mexico City, according to a statement from the National Security Commission,  Chapo likes to take a shower before escaping. 

This is the article from February, 22, 2014, the day after Chapo was taken into custody. 

In a Los Angeles neighborhood where kilos hurtled from Joaquin Guzman Loera's Sinaloa dope empire landed hard, news that "El Chapo" had been arrested Saturday morning in Mazatlan was met a jaded attitude that nothing will change in Mexico. The vast majority of the 30 people interviewed in and around MacArthur Park thought Guzman would break out of jail.  

Here were the top ten replies to the question "Do you think Chapo Guzman will break out of jail?"

1.  "Yes" - Jorge Garcia, 20,  worker at a smoke store at 6th and Alvarado. When asked "When?" the man smiled and replied "Three hours ago."

2. "Who's Chapo Guzman? You can go now." - A mirror sun-glassed 35ish man sitting atop of table in the Columbia Li'L Cycos 18th Street quadrant of MacArthur Park overseeing a group of 15 cash-clutching men gambling who listened as he spoke and laughed at some things he said. When pushed ( very lightly), he continued,  "I don't even know if it's really Chapo they caught. Last time they said they had him, they didn't. Come back when we know it's him. "

3. "Guaranteed. God is the lord of the sky, but Chapo is lord of the ground." - Alberto Cortes, 27, shopper.

4. "It's no problem for Chapo to break out. Minimum, one week, maximum, two weeks.  Money Money " - Carlos Casllo, 30,  taking time from watching Barcelona play soccer on a television set near the 6th street sidewalk with 19 others  (Barcelona lost 3 - 1 to Sociedad. Big upset, I hear.)

5. "Not this time, He's a headache for the Mexican government." - A guy who looked around nervously when I asked his name. He wouldn't give it up

6. "If the US doesn't push it and bring him here, Chapo Guzman will be free in a couple months. The people in Mexico love him. He builds houses. He brings water and power to them. He brings the needs of the people to the people," Osveli Orozco, 45, owner of a internet cafe/computer repair/shoe repair/printshop/video store.

7. "Two, three months, Corrupt cops will set him free," - Christian Garcia, 19, student.

8. "It might be in the works now," - Patrick, tall, muscular, heavily tattooed 30ish man leaving Bank of America across the street from the park .  "But, if he comes here, he's a goner."

9. "There's no need to break out. He's going to keep running the business from a prison in Mexico. And they won't extradite him - Eric Ayala, 33, manager of a different internet cafe  

10. "I'm not sure how long it will take, but why wouldn't he break out again? What history has shown us with drug lords is you don't know who is working under them.  And Mexico is very corrupt. It's going to be interesting." - Jesse Yaxon, 25, store manager.


When told Chapo Guzman had been arrested, a 30ish white man in Hancock Park walking a boxer and a pit bull said "Is he some kind of Latino pop star?"