Peacemaker's Son Killed In Watts Near Grape Street

Quentel Gordon, 24, the son of a late, influential and beloved community activist, was shot to death Wednesday night as he stood near 95th Street and Hickory Street in Watts.
Gordon was struck in the torso by a drive-by shooter shortly after 9 p.m. then transported to St Francis Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. 
His father was Donald Ray Gordon, aka "Playmate", a Grape Street Crip-turned- peacemaker, one of several men from Jordan Downs who helped create the 1992 peace treaty between the gangs of the housing projects in Watts. Playmate, who had been shot several times during the projects' street battles, died of an illness a few years back.
Another peace activist blamed the death of the younger Gordon on "just being on that block" which is just one block north from Jordan Downs and one block east of Grape Street. 
"Playmate's son was a very good spirited kid and very well liked in the community," said Daude Sherrills, another community activist from Jordan Downs crucial to the peace treaty with Nickerson Gardens and Imperial Courts. "Qunetel wasn't out to plot on anyone. But, just being on that block, just  being a young man dressed in hip-hop style with some tattoos, that made him target." 
Being out of town, that's all the information available to Krikorian Writes as of now. Anyone with a remembrance of Gordon can leave a message below after clicking the kinda-hard-to-read "comment" link below.  
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