Salt & Straw Ice Cream's Suspicious Delivery Disrupts Mozza Service

Service was temporarily disrupted at the legendary Pizzeria Mozza in Los Angeles this afternoon when six pints of the Portland-based Salt & Straw ice cream were delivered to the pastry kitchen causing the owner, head chef and general manager to abandoned their customers to savor the frozen goodness.

Kim Malek, who owns Salt & Straw with her cousin Tyler, came to the pizzeria Sunday for the first time and was given a brief tour of the pastry department where she exchanged pleasantries with pastry sous Carrie and pastry's Sean, who is seen in the photo eating ice cream with a rather guilty look..

The six pint delivery was at first greeted as a "cool thank you" from Malek to the staff.  However, suspecting foul play, Krikorian Writes obtained and reviewed the restaurant's Sunday security tape and it clearly showed Malek snapping at least a dozen spy photos of the kitchen. No charges have been filed, but the "gift" of the six pints today may be her attempt to makeup for the kitchen spy photos, a felony in California.

As for the service at the pizzeria, it was eventually restored, but not before baffling some customers  

"I walked into the pizzeria and I was like 'Where is everybody?'" said long time loyal customer Lonnie Bishop, the Prince of Pumps. "No Nancy. No Arielle, No Go Go.  Thank god Eva was there." 

Shortly after service was restored, GM Arielle Chernin debuted a new dessert menu which now features several ice cream flavors including double fold singing dog vanilla, Stumptown coffee and bourbon, sea salt with caramel ribbons, woodblock chocolate, pots of gold & rainbows, and Grandma Malek's almond brittle with chocolate ganache.

Nancy, Go Go, Arielle and Sean eating something clearly meant for me.

Nancy, Go Go, Arielle and Sean eating something clearly meant for me.