Top 10 Quotes in Watts Today About Donald Sterling

Donald Sterling was a hot topic in Watts today. Here are the top 10 quotes about the Clippers owner.

10. "Girlfriend figured it's time to get her money. He's probably been calling her a 'stupid black Mexican bitch' for years and she said to herself, 'I'm gonna record this stupid ass and make me some money.' - Ronald "Lowdown Watkins.

9. "That's a plantation owner speaking.  A man who uses black people to make him money. What else is it other than the words of a plantation owner?" - Rosemary Jacob.

8. "This things about Donald Sterling and his remarks about black people goes back a long way. His wife probably suggested to him that his girlfriend needed a real man to satisfy her so that's why she took a picture with Magic Johnson because Donald's shriveled up penis couldn't satisfy her sexual need." - Daude Sherrills

7. "He's 80 years old, Anything might come out of his mouth." - Brian "Loaf" McLucas. 

6. "Most days, racism is the furthest thing from my mind. but then someone stupid like Donald Sterling brings it all back." - said Alisa Allen. 

5. "We rush to get upset when people speak against us,  but we are still fighting over colors. We can't address racism until we deal with our own unity."  - Ron Preyer

4. "Yeah, we have a lot of things going on in the streets here, but we need to make a stand against this type of talk. Because you got all the money, you can say what you want and get away with it. But, not this time.  There's no room anymore for Donald Sterling in the arena," - "Big Donny" Joubert. 

3."Magic Johnson is all offended, but the good news is now Magic's gonna to be in the position to buy the Clippers." - Ronald "Lowdown" Watkins. (Again)

2. This speaks to the contradiction of the American elite. You hate black people, but you are willing to pay them a lot of money to make you billions." Janine Watkins

1. "What the fuck you think i think of him?  He just ruined the Clippers season.  He's a piece of shit" - Brian Mohammad.

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