Michael Hastings Crash Investigation Still Not Complete

Nearly a year after Michael Hastings died in a Hancock Park car crash so explosive it set off widespread conspiracy chatter, the investigation into his death is still not complete.

However, the LAPD detective in charge of the case maintains there was nothing sinister about the crash that killed the investigative reporter on June 18, 2013 and she is simply awaiting reports to officially close the investigation. 

“I am still waiting on some reports that have taken awhile," said an annoyed-sounding LAPD Det. Connie White, who has maintained - almost since the morning of the crash - that Hastings' death was accidental and not the fiery result of a "black ops" plot to silence the investigative reporter. Hastings was said to be working on a expose of CIA Director John O. Brennan at the time of the crash and told friends he was going off the radar for awhile.

Hastings was best known as the reporter of a Rolling Stone Magazine profile of General Stanley McChrystal in which the then-general and his staff mocked President Obama and Vice President Biden. Largely because of the article, McChrystal was fired.  

In more current light, Hastings filed the first extensive report on recently-freed POW Bowe Bergdahl back in June, 2012 that includes, among its roughly 10,000 words, the line "He decided to walk away". Here's that article. http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/americas-last-prisoner-of-war-20120607 

According to Det. White, because it is not a criminal investigation - and  crashes that are criminal investigations get higher priority - Hastings' report is often lowered in the priority rankings as new criminal cases are so frequently assigned to LAPD traffic detectives.

White says Hastings was speeding, lost control and hit a large palm tree on Highland Avenue.  Det. White said  "In the fight between car and tree, tree wins." 

Michael Hastings

Michael Hastings

Oct. 2013, Krikorian Writes' final report on Hastings crash


A video tape, copied off of a  security camera by someone's cell phone, is seen here  


This is the first story I wrote on the crash, it was for Who What Why website.