Chicken President Is Thrilled Silverton's Omelet Elected to EGAM

An emotional president of the World Chicken Organization said that "all the pain, suffering, humiliation, all the horrible living conditions and jokes that we chickens have endured for centuries because we lay eggs has been wiped out" after learning that a three-egg omelet made by Nancy Silverton for lunch Thursday was immediately inducted into the Earth's Greatest Accomplishments Museum, (EGAM) in London on  old Piccadilly Road..

"Today I speak to you not as a chicken, not as an egg layer, not even as a potential two-piece combo at Willie Mae's Scotch House  in New Orleans, but rather as simply a team member of Earth who has tried to make a positive impact," said chicken Sir Bradford Gronzyoof. "We got into EGAM Talk about it!!"

At an impromptu press conference in Rio, tears were held back several times by President Gronzyoof who grew up penny-less in a ramshackle farm in Chechnya and went on to lead the United Chicken Front in Glasgow,Scotland  before being elected World Chicken Organization President in 2010. "To say I am proud is like saying Senna could work a corner at the Nurburgring," Gronzyoof  joked, playing to the fervent pro-Aryton Senna crowd in Brazil

All the celebration was brought on by a simple lunch prepared Nancy Silverton. the 2014 James Beard Award winner for Outstanding Chef in America  

"Let's just stay home tomorrow and I'll make you an omelet," Silverton told Michael Krikorian early Wednesday evening. Krikorian, having had eggs made by Silverton in Panicale for several years running, knew what to say ."Sounds good."

Moments after the church bells of the old hilltop town rang once. Silverton began making the historic EGAM -bound omelet.

The three eggs were assisted by prosciutto cotto, parmigiano reggiano. sheep's milk ricotta,  mint and thyme - two varietals - from Nancy's garden. slivers of Cannara red onion. fennel,  salt, pepper and a pebble of butter.

Was it the best three egg omelet in recorded history? I just said they got into EGAM .  

President Gronzyoof, a multi-billionaire, said that he would pay for the ticket of any chicken visiting the EGAM in London during the next 12 months. "it's on me! ducks, too."

Note; The actual omelet will not be on display at EGAM as they have been eaten. However, the photograph below will be there. positioned between the saxophone used by John Coltrane to play the solo on "My One and Only Love" and the spats Louis Armstrong used when he first stepped on the moon.

Final note ; We ate outside on a small porch. It was a glorious day. Neil Young was singing "Lotta Love". Two nights ago, at Pelicanos, our local pizzeria, Nicolette Larson was on the big screen singing the same song.  Here's Neil's live version

"it's gonna take a lotta love, to change the way things are. It's gonna take a lotta love or we won't get too far."

Did the song make the eggs taste better? Yes 

EGAM eggs