Yosemite Search and Rescue Team Calls Off Hunt For Liz "Go Go" Hong's Sense of Wonder

Shortly after overhearing Mozza chef Liz "Go Go" Hong say "I don't want to go to Half Dome, but can we go to Whole Dome?", a Yosemite National Park employee notified her supervisor that the famed park may have, in her words "Another lost soul amongst us"

The supervisor, Janice Swerman, told Krikorian Writes that she at first dismissed the statement as "Just another smart aleck remark", but became alarmed when another employee came to her saying the same person, Go Go Hong, had just been shown a photo of El Capitan, asked "What's that?"  Then, after she was told it was El Capitan or simply "The Rock",  Hong seemed confused, then exacerbated the situation by asking  "The movie with Sean Connery or the actor? Wait, El Capitan. That's a movie theater on Hollywood Boulevard, right?""

Later, after reviewing security footage, Swerman determined that Hong had refused to get out of the  car she was traveling in to gaze out from Tunnel View when her group entered the Valley.  This was the very same person that walked a long, cold Bakersfield block to pose in front of Hells Angels headquarters. Taking no chances, Swerman notified the vaunted Yosemite Search and Rescue Team. 

"I told them I think we have a visitor without a Sense of Wonder," Janice said, adding that this condition is extremely rare in Yosemite. "I mean even blind people stop and stare in wonder at El Captian. I have hard core members of the Hells Angeles, Oakland Chapter, break down and cry at the stars over Half Dome. But, this one, she seemed clueless. She was far more fascinated with her peanut M & Ms."

The Search and Rescue team was called and went looking for Go Go's Sense of Wonder.

Shortly after noon Thursday, Search and Rescue squad leader Duke Feldmeier thought he had found it when he saw and heard Hong in the Ahwahnee Hotel Dining Room say "That would be amazing!" However, that proved to be simply a misguided statement as Hong was reacting to a waiter who told her "Maybe I can get you some extra jus on the side for your Philly cheese steak sandwich."

Not long after that, Feldmeier overheard Go Go saying that Persia and Venezuela were the same place. "To the best of my knowledge,  no one has ever said that before," Feldmeier said. "I knew this would be a difficult operation."

But, Hong, refusing to walk outside the hotel, never expressed on iota of interest in the park and the Yosemite Search and Rescue Team called off the hunt late Thursday night.

Still, there was a glimmer of hope Friday morning when Go Go, Nancy Silverton and Michael "Juan Fangio" Krikorian drove out of Yosemite Valley . The morning sun was shining on the "Dawn Wall" of El Capitan, the very route two lunatic climbers had scaled just two weeks ago. The magnificent rock was aglow in dawn's light.  

"Liz Hong, look at that," ordered Silverton, herself spellbound by the wonder

"Wow" said Go Go. She even took a photo.

It took the Rock and the Sun. but finally there was a smidgen of proof that Go Go has a Sense of Wonder. 

Liz Go Go Hong on 19th Street in Bakersfield   

Liz Go Go Hong on 19th Street in Bakersfield