Nancy Silverton To Unveil New Gelato at the Fancy Food Show, San Francisco Officials Urge Calm

When a photo showing what appeared to be two pints of gelato with the name "Nancy's Fancy" was leaked to the press earlier this week, speculation in the ice cream world revved up like a McLaren P1 down the Mulsanne straight in Le Mans. Was it a hoax? Or was this for reals? Was it Granada I see, or only Asbury Park?*  Well, now, it is official. Nancy Silverton will be making gelato and sorbetto in pints that will be sold in stores across the United States.

After  the announcement was made Wednesday morning in Grape Street Park that "Nancy's Fancy" was indeed happening, the grand chefs of America could not contain their delight.  Mario Batali was the first to comment  (see below) issuing a statement akin to a Hendrix solo. Legendary pizzaiolo Chris Bianco soon followed, riffing off "Jaws", ("I'm gonna need a bigger spoon"), as did Jonathan Waxman and many more.  San Francisco chef Dominique Crenn emailed thoughts on "Nancy's Fancy" so titillating, so rife with sensual possibilities, that she has been banned from Brazil for six months. 

The public grew excited, too. After all, this wasn't a treat that would only be available to the chosen few, only offered to a smattering of the privileged. Nancy's Fancy will be offered throughout America later this year.

"In the frozen section of the supermarket, it is s going to be like all the other ultra-premium ice creams and gelato will be wearing a nice department store outfit and then, boom!, here comes Nancy's Fancy decked out in Marni, looking like she's going to the Academy Awards. No, Make that the James Beard Awards since Nancy has already won there four times”, said Suzanne Tracht, chef owner of the acclaimed Jar in Los Angeles. (Silverton has been honored by the James Beard Foundation for Outstanding Pastry Chef in America, Outstanding Restaurant (Campanile) in America, Who's Who of Food and Beverage in America, and, just last year, as the Outstanding Chef in America.).

The public will get their first opportunity to sample Nancy's Fancy this coming Sunday, January 11 at the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco ( which will continue on Monday and Tuesday at the Moscone Center, Nancy and her executive pastry chef Dahlia Narvaez will be there to hand out 5,000 samples of four Nancy's Fancy flavors.  

Still, with all the excitement, there is concern that the rush for the stuff will be overwhelming. Therefore, the City of San Francisco is taking extraordinary measures to  ensure bedlam doesn't ensue both inside and outside of the Moscone Center. 

"Nancy's Fancy is the greatest thing to happen in the ice cream/gelato world since Noah let two cows on that Ark," said San Francisco Mayor Jerry Rice. "But, on the other spoon, we need to contain this as the Fancy Food show has the potential for calamity. There will be 5,000 portions of Nancy's Fancy available. There are  837,442 people living in San Francisco. You don't have to be 'ol Stevie Hawking to figure out there's gonna be 832, 442 disgruntled citizens in my town.".  

A San Francisco Police Department commander, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said police have been carefully studying the classic "Do's and Dont's of Crowd Control" by Attila the Hun, the colorful 5th-Century invader known for, among other things,  his unique way of handling large groups of people.  (It should be noted the book is now considered a masterpiece on how not to address large crowds, including avoiding such sayings as "You're  gonna wish you never came here", and "What the fuck did i just say?".

Still, most say the excitement to get the Nancy's Fancy will be worth a line or two. 

These are the four flavors will be available at the show  Chunky Salted Peanut  Butter/with Crunchy  chocolate; Cold-Brewed Spiced Stumptown Coffee with Cracked Cocoa Nibs, Greek Yogurt & Mixed Berries; Coconut Stracciatella with Bitterweeet Chocolate Strands.

A Special Report on the Flavors is coming soon. But,revisit this article about Nancy and Dahlia's Salted Peanut Butter.

Here's what Mario Batali said about Nancy and her gelato.  “Nancy is the goddess of the delicious and the most inspired and inspirational cook I know in everything from pizza to panini so its natural that I have always been/will forever be in LOVE/LUST for her gelato  it is if the angels opened their freezers and delicate flakes of frozen genius are falling from the skies like notes from a jimi hendrix solo, each one different yet mellifluous and delightful on its own or as a full on symphonic poem to the magnificence of her creamy, sensational and ultimately satisfying work in frosty frolic.”

 * - "At Long Last Love"

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