White People Account For Disproportionate Amount of Crimes at Laundromats in Los Angeles County

Los Angeles - Although they account for only 17% of laundromat users here, white people were responsible for  a staggering 73% of all crimes committed at or near the washing and drying machine establishments of Los Angeles County last year, according to a federal study released Wednesday.

The Spokane-based Bookings Institute study, which analyzed crimes committed at or within a 50-foot radius of all Laundromats in L.A. County from January 1, 2014, to December 31,  2014, found that of the 2,417 crimes committed in the target area,  1,766 were allegedly committed by white people*.  These crimes ranged from a double homicide in Monterey Park. to the theft of a single doily in Toluca Lake.

"I think white criminals have discovered that laundromats are basically un-chartered, un-claimed outlaw territory," said William Dithers, who spearheaded the study dubbed "Operation Spin Cycle".  "Liquor stores, mom and pop groceries, gas stations and street robberies are pretty much wrapped up by other criminal elements. So, for the white thug, laundromats are the way to go. Not that in any way am I encouraging these deplorable acts on hard working, neat citizens."

The study, the first of its kind,  also showed that Chinese,  while traditionally associated with laundries, fared poorly, accounting for only 2.7% of total crime even though they made up 12% of the laundromat attendees. 

Mexicans  - both local and those from Mexico -, who comprise more than 71% of laundromat users, were suspected in only 5.8% of the crimes committed there. Authorities cited several reasons for this.

"Although they are best known for other things - most notably, making  tacos and napping -  Mexicans are not only one of the most laundry-friendly people in the Western Hemisphere, they are among laundry's most law-abiding citizens," Dithers said.. "The other thing about Mexicans is they are not particularly  good multi-taskers. So, for them to do laundry and commit crimes, is, well it's simply not in their wheelhouse." 

Black criminals were even less likely to commit crimes in a laundromat,  accounting for only 1.3% of crimes. among the lowest of any group on Earth. 

"The thing about black criminals is that they rarely go to laundromats for a couple of reason," said Matt Baylick. an associate professor criminal behavioral science at Stanford University.  "Black gang members don't like change and change is the primary loot at Laundromat crime.  For, say, a Swan or a Rollin' 60 or a Hoover to pull out a wad of bills, even if they are only ones. is fine.  But, to have a pocket full of change, even quarters, well, that is just not bool." 

*In this study  the term "white people" did not include Georgians, Armenians or Chechens or Mountain Jews.