Donald Trump Soiled Pants After Getting Threat From Chapo, Dry Cleaners says "Trousers Totally Ruined"

Republican presidential candidate and television personality Donald Trump was talking tough when Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman-Loera escaped Mexico 's highest security prison Saturday, but he changed his tune dramatically - and most foul - when the drug lord threatened him on Twitter

According to sources in the businessman's  camp, Trump turned a shade of "very light pink" and then began making "a series of high-pitch toots" from his buttocks area and then a "painfully loud :gasp emerged followed by a stench of usually bad proportions". The account was confirmed by two others in the room at the time, one who was briefly hospitalized for fart inhalation. 

Trump, another sources said, then whimpered "I think just ruined these Paul Smith pants" and ran "awkwardly" from the room.

After Trump had threatened Guzman, the man from Sinaloa  tweeted  "Sigue chingando y voy hacer que te tragues todas tus putas palabras pinche guero cagaleche" which translates roughly into  "And I still fucking make you swallow all your fucking fucking punk ass  words"

A dry cleaner speaking on the condition of anonymity, said the trousers "rear end looked like they had been through a Dresden fire bombing." 

Guzman, known as "El Chapo" is perhaps best known for being the world's best drug lord, a titled he has had for over a decade.   Most drug trafficking reporters usually rate him second only to Colombian  Pablo Escobar as the greatest drug dealer of all time.

A Huffington Post piece recounts the Tweets.

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