Planned Parenthood Official: "Hunt For Tiffany Fox's Baby Daddy Narrowed Down To 32 Tinder Users."

When veteran Mozza chef Tiffany Fox announced back in March that she was pregnant, her friends excitedly hugged and congratulated her. But, those very friends - as  well as people who only know Fox casually - all had the same thought: "I wonder if she has any idea who the father is?"

Sunday, a spokesman for Planned Parenthood announced that more than 357 Tinder users have been "cleared" of fathering the child, "We have narrowed it down to 32 Tinder users.

Fox, who almost single-handedly (well, maybe double handedly) popularized Tinder  the so-called "naughty quick date" phone application, had often gone on the record saying she had never slept with anyone she meet on the "hook up" app.

However, interviews with friends. motel owners, vice cops all found that hard to believe. Some even disagreed vehemently.

At the "Dare-U-Inn" motel on Hollywood Boulevard near Hobart Avenue, manager  Kim Trac  said he often would see Tiffany "many many time a day. Different men. Sometime boys. Always loud noises in room. Customers complain But, me no get involved."

Sgt. Alison Yates of LAPD's Hollywood Vice, said that Fox was never on their radar as a "working girl" as, in his words. "She did it for free."

"Free?," said one Tinder user who spent time with Fox. "It cost me dinner at Providence. $327. That's not free to me. The fucked up thing about it, was I didn't even get a kiss. After that night, I quit Tindering."

Others, some apparently petrified over news that Fox was pregnant have also distinguished their Tinder application. Since Fox's baby announcement, Tinder membership is down 27%.

While news of the pregnancy was generally well- received, some were disappointed. 

"When I found out Tiffany was pregnant, I was bummed," said Kate Green. "I knew I had to find a new person to drink with."

A woman claiming to be Tiffany's 'BFF" said she couldn't believe it when she heard the news a baby was on the way. "I thought it was some kind of joke," said Tanya Bautista.

Nancy Silverton didn't think it was funny at all. 

"I think when she heard Celeste was pregnant, she went out of her way to make a baby," said Silverton. "She figured with Celeste out, she'd have to work harder, Everyone knows she's lazy. Even at her baby shower, she couldn't even make the pie shells. She bought them from the 99 Cent Store."  

UPDATE - As Krikorian Write was going to press, word came out that one Alfie Lytton, an Englishman who worked briefly at Osteria Mozza, has claimed that he is the father of the baby boy whose name will be J

"Tell those 31 other dudes, those Tinder fools, to go fuck themselves. I'm Tiffany's baby daddy."  

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