Stanford and Harvard Professors Claim "Jeb Bush Is Actually Dumber Than Brother George W." Might Legally Be An "Imbecile"

Some records are thought to be untouchable. Joe DiMaggio's hitting streak of 56 consecutive games immediately comes to mind. Wilt Chamberlain' 100 points in a single basketball game is another. Politically speaking, few humans ever seriously thought George W.Bush's stupidity rating of .424 would ever be in danger of falling. 

Until today. 

George W's younger brother, Jeb Bush, a Republican candidate for President of the United States, posted a photo Tuesday of a .45 caliber handgun on Twitter with the single word caption "America".  (The picture gun appears to be from the respected Belgian company Fabrique Nationale, which has a manufacturing plant in South Carolina, where the Republican primary is set for Saturday. The Democratic primary is the following Saturday, Feb. 27.)

Instantly,  scholars who study "D.S.I," ( Dumbness, Stupidity and Imbecility) took out their Brain Wave Instruments, and several came up with a stunning conclusion; Jeb is dumber than G-Dub.

"This single act is among the most magnificent acts of straight-out dumb in modern times " said Roger Dithers, professor of logic at Harvard University.  "As an expert on logic, I must say I am impressed by his stupidity." 

Across the county colleagues agreed.

"I get it he's desperate, but this makes less-than-zero sense," said Darlene Johnson, professor of psychology at Stanford University. "To post a photo of a gun and caption it "America" when guns  kill thousands of Americans every year, well, like Sean Connery says in "The Rock", 'It's an act of lunacy'."