Marco Rubio's Woes Continue As Wife Files For Divorce; Cites Husband's Obsession With ISIS Conquering America If GITMO Closes

Citing that "My husband is obsessed and petrified ISIS will invade and conquer the United States if the prison at Guantanamo Bay is shuttered", Jeanette Dousdebes Rubio, wife of Republican presidential hopeful Marco Rubio, formally filed for divorce Wednesday morning in Florida.

Obtained by the Miami Herald, the filing, said to be "extremely derogatory",  could be damaging to Sen. Rubio (R- Fla) in as he attempts to pull away from rival Rafael "Ted" Cruz (R-Tex)  and establish himself as the only alternative to front-runner, businessman Donald Trump.

Spokesperson for the Rubio campaign, Tiffany Fox, said that "Marco knows Jeanette is under a lot of stress by the gruel of the campaign, and will likely withdraw the filing once it is over. Theirs is a marriage based on love and respect."

Still, political pundits said that, even if true, any reconciliation might be too late for Rubio whose has made so-called "family values" a corner stone of his policy when not talking about ISIS. Some voters were put off by the thought of a wife-less president.

"Single presidents are fine for the movies, but in real life, a president needs a wife," said an Uber driver in Ruth, Nevada who spoke on the condition of anonymity. "Michael Douglas was good in "The American President", but in real life a president has to be ready for anything, even the Russians, and not focusing on getting new trim."

In the excerpt released Wednesday morning online by the Miami Herald, Dousdesbes Rubio, 42,  says that "From sunrise to well after the midnight hour, Marco is going on about ISIS. He blabbers that they have two S's in their name, 'just like the British SAS commandos'.  Seriously. He really thinks their black flag can fly over the White House. I think it's a shame he doesn't have faith in the United States Armed Forces to defeat ISIS once they invade.  Me? I don't think they will invade. Do they even have a Navy?"

After learning of the divorce filing. Donald Trump said it was for the good of the country. "It shows poor judgment on Marco Rubio's part. Who in their right mind would marry a girl named Dousdesbes?" 

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