Mozza's Chi Spacca Dominates 2 Rounds At Pebble Beach Invitational Event

Mozza's Chi Spacca dominated the competition at the Pebble Beach Food and Wine event  with two performances so commanding, so masterful they evoked memories of Tiger Woods' 2000 U.S. Open victory here when he bested the others by a record 15 strokes.

Thursday evening, well-positioned near the front of Roy's at the Inn at Spanish Bay, the Chi Spacca crew. led by chef Ryan DeNicola, Kim "Grumpy" Trac, Cameron Miles Trombone, and Sinta* took an early lead and never even bothered to look back. 

Of the 975 guests who sampled the cinnamon-dusted pancetta-wrapped pork sausage spiedinos with lemon caper butter and bay leaves, 974 proclaimed it the DON (Dish of Night). The lone dissenter, an obnoxious 13-year-old boy whose parents refused to let him bring a prototype Play Station 5 to the Inn at Spanish Bay. voted for the booth of Kentucky Fried Chicken 

Friday night, a dinner for 60 was heralded by all as the DOW ( dinner of weekend). It featured octo, tomahawk pork chops and 50 oz. steaks and a chocolate caramel tart. Wine was procured by Sarah Clarke, The wine was drunk by Nancy and Kate Elizabeth Green 

It was a record  27th time that the food of Nancy Silverton dominated a food event   The only other chefs to have more than 10 victories are Aguste Escoffier (10), Fernand Point (11), Fredy Girardet (13) and Colonel Harlan Sanders (14).

* Sinta is actually Sinta Nikol Villero, but is known simply as "Sinta"

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