Redemption For a Nation - How Donald Trump Can Make America Great Again

Redemption. It’s right up near “imagination” on my list of favorite words. Redemption is the tale of failure followed by a triumphal comeback. My favorite movies – “On the Waterfront” and “Casablanca” – my favorite novel – “Les Miserables” – are about redemption.

The best sports stories – Muhammad Ali’s three-and-a-half year banishment for refusing to be inducted in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War and his loss to Joe Frazier, then titanic victories over George Foreman and Frazier; Sandy Koufax’s refusal to pitch on Yom Kippur in the opening game of the ‘65 World Series against the Twins then winning Game Seven with a three-hit shutout – are filled with redemption.

Redemption is usually and most famously served individually.

There have been incidents of mass redemption, but never before has the United States as a whole had such a royal chance to achieve redemption as it does this election year.

And your boy, Don Trump, is the man who can give the United States redemption and - in his words - "make America great again."  I don’t get Democrats, my fellow Dems, who go on Facebook and rant against Trump. They don’t realize he’s the best thing to happen to the Democratic Party since Watergate. He's accomplished something Democrats have only fantasized about; royally jacking up the Republican party.  Yet,  for my Democrats, the prospect of a Donald presidency is pretty much the end of civilization. For me, Don Trump is the person who can restore America to greatness.

All America adults have to do is vote him in as president. Do that, and America will – after a shaky start - be “great again”.

I’ll spill on how this works, but bear with me for a few graphs.

Donald Trump, as it stands right now, is a force in American politics. Whether you like him or hate him, whether you think he's the savior to rise from these streets you've been waiting for or Attila the Hun on his wedding night, he is a force. There is clearly a large portion of the country that want him as their leader. And even if he loses in the general, he will be - and remain  - a force.

But, if he is elected to become president, he won’t be a force for long. Why? Here’s why and here is where redemption comes into this play.

Vote for Trump. Elect Donald Trump president and then, as every petrified liberal Dem believes, he messes up. I mean he fucks up in a grand way that makes that debacle at Nakatomi Plaza seem like a smooth day at the office. And then, he is impeached.

That simple. Elect. Impeach. Redemption.

Yes, we will have to weather some rough - and I’m sure embarrassing, maybe even scary  - months. Hopefully not as frightening as some fear. Boy won't be walking around alone with a nuclear briefcase. Maybe he'll fire someone about to investigate him. Still, waiting for his downfall, that will be the difficult segment where you get the opportunity for redemption. That is imperative for redemption. You cannot have redemption if you go sailing along in smooth seas.   . 

But, Don leads the country on a path so wacky, that Republicans and Democrats actually come together as - like that Pledge says - one nation, indivisible  and unite on something. Throwing him out.

We admit to the world, “Okay, we went a bit daffy. Not a bit daffy, Straight out. We overdid our utter disgust with bullshit politics, our loathing of politicians, made some adjustments, returned to our senses, got up off the canvas and are fighting back.”  Can collectively say - as Ali famously said to George Foreman in the 5th round after taking a pounding in Kinshasa  - “Now, it’s my turn.” Three rounds later, it was over. Ali had his glorious redemption.

And now it could be America’s turn. Elect Trump and you’ll see.  He will screw up. He can’t help it. Fool's running around with blinders that make it seem like Seabiscuit had on wide-angle night vision googles.  

Look. We put up with George Bush and Dick Cheney with their tragic catastrophe, the war in Iraq.  That seems to be forgotten and okay with everybody. Clinton got some oral and there was impeachment hearings.  Cheney and Bush start a war of untold casualties, no impeachment chatter.  Why? I have no idea. But, that was the supercharging of our decline and can – if we elect Don – lead us to an actual knockdown which is imperative to the Redemption of America tale. And our return to greatness.

And greatness, -beloved greatness -  cannot be accomplished without failure.  

It’s called “weathering a storm”. It’s like you go on vacation. You come back and the first – and best – story you tell is the most disastrous part of the trip. My gal and I went to Southern Italy a few weeks  back and, in search of a David Rosoff-recommended two-star restaurant, I turned down the wrong street – or“strada”  - in a little town south of Naples. This street gets narrower and narrower. To the point I pull in the mirrors. And it gets even narrow. “Is this a street or a funnel?” I ask Nancy. She gets out and actually puts my Michelin map of Italia Sud against the car’s right door to act as the world’s worst buffer from a wall scrape. We’re stuck. Backup attempts are futile. Finally, a local man of 70-something shows up and helps us back out. First story of the trip? Not the pizza at Pepe in Grani. Not the foot-stomping drive along the Amalfi. The funnel street.

Don Trump can be our own national funnel street.  Leading us down a path that gets narrower and narrower, darker and darker until we all team up and get back on the right strada.

don trump with the greatest

don trump with the greatest

*For the record, on his wedding night, legend has it the normally stone-cold sober Atilla the Hun got drunk and died.