Five Other Battles The Kurds Were Not With The United States Army

Wednesday, as President Don Trump defended his call to let Turks attack the very Kurds who had aided the U.S. tremendously against ISIS in Syria. As part of his rational, Trump stated that Kurds “are fighting for their land. They didn’t help us in the second World War. They didn’t help us in Normandy, for example.”

A rapid investigation by Krikorian Writes revealed shocking news that the Kurds, in addition to being suspiciously absent at Omaha Beach in Normandy, were also not fighting along side U.S. forces at nearly a a half dozen of the most important battles in America’s history. Here is a brief summary of battles where the Kurds were NOT fighting along side American forces, both Special and Regular. .

5. “Battle of The Alamo”, San Antonio, Texas, 1836. In the battle of The Alamo - made famous in movies, songs and books, - as roughly 200, mainly Texans, soldiers fought off vastly larger Mexican forces for 13 days,, no Kurdish soldiers joined Davy Crockett and other Americans in the battle.

4. Battle of the Bulge - from Dec. 16, 1944 to January 25, 1945, the United States aided by World War Two allies, fought and defeated the Germans in their last major offensive on the Western Front. The Kurdish Army did not participate. Nor did the Kurdish Air Force.

3. Battle of South Central Los Angeles, - April 29 to May;3, 2004. Starting at Florence and Normandie, the brutal street war of Los Angeles left not only the city, but the entire United States in shock. Once again. the Kurdish Army was not there. A war expert later stated “Maybe they were afraid to go south of Slauson.”

2. Battle of Iwo Jima. - American forces landed on this Pacific Island on Feb.19. 1945 fought for it brutally until March 26, 1945. More than 6,800 soldiers died there. None of them were in the Kurdish Army. Why? Well, the Kurds sat his one out, even though the battle was less than 13,000 kilometers away from their territory.

1. Battle of Baltimore - This five day battle during the War of 1812 saw British Forces attempt to take land and sea strongholds from the American forces . Notice I wrote “American forces”, not American and Kurdish forces because they weren’t there. Big surprise. A Kurdish statesman stated that his army would have been there, but got confused by the name of the war and the dates of the battle. The War was the “War of 1812”, but the Battle of Baltimore was actually fought in 1814.

A ,much more famous was the 2nd Battle of Baltimore which was depicted in the show “The Wire” and featured Stringer Bell, Omar, Avon and Marlo, among others.

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