The Steak Sandwich With Nothing Else To Compare It To

Nancy just left for the nightly 6:30 wine drinking session at the Piazza Umberto in Panicale. I'm alone at the house, writing intensely  and the door bell rings. It's Pina, the-across-the-street neighbor, holding a foil-covered tray with two pot holders. Speaking exuberantly with her beaming smile. the only words I understand are "foccacia", "formaggio" and "caldo"; hot cheese bread.

She places the tray down near the fireplace. She leaves. I get a knife,

As I'm cutting into this lovely creation, this unexpected joy that comes to the front door, this most neighborly of gestures, I realize what I have in the blue Smeg refrigerator; yesterday's steak. A steak from Dario Cecchini that I grilled last night. Possessed now, i stuff the steak into the foccacia, knife on a little Parmigiano-Reggiano. I bite into this steak sandwich. 

There have been many astonishing occurrences since recorded history began.  I've always marveled at how Alexander the Great conqueror most of the world. That first moon landing with both Louis and Neil Armstrong was thrilling. I cherish an early morning moment, captured by photographer Tom Caltabiano, with Nancy in Paris.

Was this steak sandwich in that league? No. Not even. But, since I can't think of any other sandwich to compare it to, I'd just thought i'd mention a few of my favorite things.

Here's John Coltrane's version :of "My Favorite Things"

***  Ferrari just came out with their greatest road car ever, the million-dollar-plus, 950-horsepower hyper car called simply LaFerrari. I'm gonna call this LaSteak Sandwich.

The just released  La Steak Sandwich.

The just released  La Steak Sandwich.