BREAKING NEWS Chef Dominique Crenn Wanted By Police, Flees to France

Renowned San Francisco chef Dominique Crenn has fled the country after learning federal, state and local law enforcement agencies issued a warrant for her arrest Sunday following a shocking incident at the inaugural "All-Star Chef Classic" in downtown Los Angeles.

Crenn, the first female chef in the United States to be awarded two Michelin stars and the subject of a current episode of Netfilx's "Chef's Table", stunned the audience at "Restaurant Stadium" during a cooking challenge between chefs Josiah Citrin and Jennifer Jasinski when she "assaulted a fish," according to law enforcement sources and several eyewitnesses.

The fish,  a suzuki, aka wild Japanese bass, was Citrin's and he was outraged.

"That dumb ass bitch from San Francisco fucked up my dish," said a visible upset Citrin, the chef owner of Melisse in Santa Monica.  

Saturday night, Citrin was immersed in final stages of an intense cook off against Denver's Jasinski when the drama unfolded near L.A. Live. Standing stage right, Crenn grabbed a container of a green vegetable sauce, crept up behind Citrin and just before his dish was to be judged, dumped the entire container onto the suzuki. The fish was ruined instantaneously..

Stunned, Citirn reached for a chef's knife, but was restrained by John Mason, a retired U.S. Army Delta Force commando hired as the event's chief security officer. After several seconds of silence, the dumbfounded audience headed for the exits. Several people were heard saying "Did I really just see that?"  Event organizer, Lucy Lean, began weeping and muttered, "The French."

The alleged assault on the fish was not the only thuggish behavior Crenn exhibited Saturday. At the JW Marriott Hotel bar earlier, she incessantly bullied Nancy Silverton's assistant, Little Michelle Francis, into giving up her prescription eye glasses because, she said, "They look good on me.".

Later at Chi Spacca di Mozza, Crenn unleashed even more outlaw characteristics After a woman asked gang reporter Michael Krikorian "Are you Nancy Silverton's father?" Crenn, a striking and poetic chef from Versailles, threatened to "take that stupid woman out in the alley and beat the shit out of her." Silverton's assistant Little Michelle, clearly under Crenn's influence by now, offered to help.

Sunday morning, as he prepared for the finale of the All-Star Chef Classic, Citrin was still fuming. "They should change her name from Dominique to Domi-Nut," said Citrin, who, like Crenn, has two Michelin stars. "To top it off, I made that fuckin' sauce," 

Using satellite data, Interpol reported Crenn had landed Sunday evening in Paris and may be heading to Brittany where her mother lives.

"She'll probably try to hide out at her mother's and hope the French do not extradite her back to America to face charges," said LAPD detective Sal LaBarbera. "They bring her back here and she's toast. French toast."

UPDATE : France's Central Directorate of Interior Intelligence has reported a woman fitting Crenn's description was spotted in Mont St. Michel wearing a chef jacket with the inscription "Lucy Lean".  

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Dominique Crenn with her new glasses.

Dominique Crenn with her new glasses.

Josiah Citrin and Dominique Crenn in happier times.

Josiah Citrin and Dominique Crenn in happier times.