Homicide Monday Morning on 83rd and Main Street, Possible Payback From Earlier Swans Killing

A 17-year-old black male was shot to death Monday morning on East 83rd Street and Main Street in what street sources are saying is likely a  "payback' for the killing of a Swan and a teenage girl Saturday night.

The youth was shot three times in his chest and was pronounced dead at the scene in a Main Street Crips neighborhood. 

Saturday night, shortly after 8 p.m., four people were shot by a man who exited a SUV and opened fired with an assault weapon near a liquor store at 81st Street and Avalon Boulevard, two of them fatally. The dead were Shujaa Silver II, 20, said to be known as  "Bad Ass" from Swans, a notorious Bloods gang, and 16-year-old Cy' Jai Bell. Two others were wounded and sustained non-life threatening injuries.

No further information is currently available on today's victim.

Anyone with information on the killings can anonymously call LAPD Criminal Gang Homicide Division at (323) 786-5100.

Swans Graffiti by "Bad Ass", whose tag is on far right.

Swans Graffiti by "Bad Ass", whose tag is on far right.


D.A, Says Man Acted in Self Defense in Hoover- Main Killings

Saying he acted in "self defense", the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office rejected the murder case of a 25--year-old man who had been arrested in connection with the shootings on Figueroa Street last Friday that left three adults dead.

Anthony Alonzo Cudger, who was wounded in the car-to-car shooting that killed two of his friends and the alleged attacker, was released from custody Tuesday evening after being arrested Saturday morning and held on $1 million bail. 

Wednesday afternoon the District Attorney's office released the following statement: "Regarding Anthony Alonzo Cudger, a case was reviewed for filing consideration yesterday, but was declined because the investigation found that Cudger acted in self defense."  

Street sources said Cudger, Aveion Curtis Bolden, Jacinta Walker, and an unidentified female driver were parked in a silver Toyota Camry  on Figueroa and 87th Street, about to head out to the movies, when a red Nissan Altima pulled up and the passenger started shooting.

Bolden, 20, and his girlfriend Walker, 18 were killed in the backseat and Cudger, sitting in the front passenger seat, was wounded in the shoulder. Cudger returned fire, striking the shooter, Trevor Andre Williams, 33. 

The driver of the Nissan sped away and either he or another person took Williams to the L.A. City Fire Department Station #64 on 108th and Main streets to seek medical attention.. Williams either died en route or at the fire station.

The shootings are part of the ongoing street war between the Hoover Street Criminals and the Main Street Crips.

The LAPD was disappointed Cudger was not charged.

"Of course it upsets us," said Det. Sal LaBarbera of LAPD' South Bureau Criminal Gang Homicide Division. "It tells the gang members it's OK to be armed,  it's OK to shoot it out with each other and there are no consequences. They are back on the street to do it again, to be either suspects or victims., let alone have an innocent person caught up in this."

LaBarbera said the LAPD is "Seeking everyone and anyone involved in this."

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Couple on the right, Jacinta Walker, 18, and Aveion Bolden, 20 were shot to death last Friday on Figueroa and 87th 

Couple on the right, Jacinta Walker, 18, and Aveion Bolden, 20 were shot to death last Friday on Figueroa and 87th