BREAKING - Apple Refuses Court Order To "Un-Encrypt" Reichl and Silverton IPhones To Get Secrets Of "Rucy" Chili Recipe

Technology mammoth Apple refused a federal court ruling Tuesday to provide technology that would enable the public - including chain restaurant owners - the ability to unlock the IPhone 6s of chef Nancy Silverton and writer Ruth Reichl to reveal secrets of a chili they made that was heralded as the best in recorded history. 

The chili, billed as "Rucy" - a term coined by using the first and last syllables of the two living legends first names - was serendipitously created for a gathering Sunday evening in Los Angeles to watch the Academy Awards.

So extraordinary was the Rucy, that internet speculation about its secrets went virile. The hashtags #SilvertonReichlChili and #Rucy recorded 1,7 million hits since Sunday night. The furor was exacerbated when Mario Batali tweeted the following

"There’s chili from texas and chili from the southwest and definitely chile verde and chile rojo from mexico, but i’d say the worlds best chili comes from the fertile and untamed minds of 2 jewish gals in los angeles, nancy silverton and ruth reichl"

Officials at Tweter deemed the Batali tweet so important that they temporarily suspended the 140 character limit rule allowed the 250 character Tweet.

The bison meat chili with an unspecified type of bean was made by Reichl and a version is available in her latest book, "My Kitchen Year". But the furor over it exploded when, by happenstance, it was turbocharged by topping it with a so called "P1" Pimento cheese dip made by Silverton.  The chili was rated an astounding 675. 

(To read the original story on the chili printed two hours ago check this link - )

Meanwhile, Apple said that providing the technology unlock or 'un-encrypt" Silverton's and Reichl's phones could "severely compromise the secrets, private recipes, texts, affairs and other personal information of more than three billion individuals."

"Say you have a secret sauce for a burger and you texted it to your mistress. Do you want everyone to know that secret?", said Jason Asch, an Apple spokesperson. "In America, privacy is not a privilege. It's a right."

Authorities were said to be looking to interview Los Angeles-based writer Margy Rochlin who allegedly transported the P1 Pimento cheese dip from Silverton's residence to Reich's.

In a rare showing of unity, presidential candidates were in agreement on an issue. Apple, they agreed,  should unlock the phones 

"This is not an issue of national security, but it is an issue of national pleasure," said Republican front runner Donald Trump.  "There's a little document I like to call the Constitution. And it clearly states the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The Rucy chili reeks of happiness."

Bernie Sanders, widely considered the anti-Trump, concurred. "Two Jews make a chili? That's America. C' mon, Apple. Do the right thing."

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