Adam Boardman's Resignation From Pizzeria Mozza Denied By Nancy Silverton, He'll Pull A Double Christmas

After an extraordinarily moving Facebook post regarding his departure from Pizzeria Mozza, Adam "PuroHombre" Boardman's resignation has been denied by Nancy Silverton and he has been ordered to work on Christmas, even though the restaurant itself will be closed. 

"If Nancy says Adam can't leave, then guess what? He can't leave," said Michael Krikorian, Silverton's head of security on The Corner.  "It's kinda sad in a way because his resignation was so heartfelt. I actually teared up myself reading it."

Reached at Leonardo Da Vinci Fiumicino Aeroporti in Rome, Silverton said her decision was basically economic.

"Adam was and is and will continue to be a outstanding server," said Silverton via a lengthy text. "But, let's face it. The boy can talk a customer's ear off.   But, that's good because we get too busy and he slows the orders down.  If he left and we actually got a shy server to replace him, I'd have to hire three, four more cooks."

Boardman, who on a gold medal in the 1,500 meters at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, was shocked by the news, but understaning.

"Hey, like the man says, if Nancy says you can't, then you can't," said Boardman, adding that the scheduled drinks for him tonight at the Village Idiot 11 p.m. will go on as scheduled. 

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