California Cherry Growers To Consider Boycotting Nancy Silverton After She Calls Michigan Cherry Pie "Best in the Nation"

Not since George Washington chopped down a cherry tree has the beloved little red fruit been embroiled in such controversy as it has this week after Nancy Silverton was heard on a "hot mic" saying the cherry crumb pie from Grand Traverse Pie Co. in Michigan was "the best in the nation."

The comment was immediately met with scorn by the California Cheery Growers Association (CCGA) and California Cherry Pickers Organization (CCPO) both of whom will meet later this week to consider a "limited boycott" of  some Nancy Silverton-related establishments.

"We will vote and see, but the boycott would be limited in scope," said Umberto "Stems" Guzman, president pro- tem of the CCGA. "We all know we would never win a vote to boycott all Nancy-related operations. We love Pizzeria Mozza too much for that." 

The particular Grand Traverse Pie Co. that caused the controversy was a Cherry Crumb made with Montmorency cherries and pastry cream that was sampled by the Mozza staff on "The Corner", (the fabled intersection of Highland and Melrose in Hollywood South.)

After taking several forkfuls, Silverton is heard saying "this is the best cherry pie in America". The comment was caught on a so called "hot" or 'live' microphone of a freelance Russian journalist who was doing a article about Silverton for the Stalingrad Gazette. 

The pie was a gift to Silverton from New York based cook Mario Batali who, apparently, likes the pie, too.

Efforts to reach Grand Traverse Pie Co. owners Mike and Denise Busley for a comment were fruitless

The Grand Traverse Pie Co. started in Traverse City,  in northwest Michigan and now has locations throughout Michigan and even one in Terra Haute, Indiana. To see if Silverton was right check out SHOP..GTPIE.COM

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