FBI Operative Known As "The Magnet" Said To Be Pizzeria Mozza Newport GM Doug Zamensky

For several years, it was presumed that Pizzeria Mozza Newport general manager Doug Zamensky, the red-headed Idaho native who earned a dubious reputation as one of America's most likely robbery victims, was simply a small-town guy. in over his head in the big, bad city.

Friday however, Krikorian Writes, the Washington Post and Orange County Register all broke the story that Zamensky is actually a highly regarded operative known as "The Magnet" working with the FBI to draw out some of the most hardened criminals in Southern California. 

The FBI would neither confirm or deny the reports, however sources in the fabled agency leaked a shocking video of a stolen taxi cab speeding into the parking lot of Pizzeria Mozza in Newport Beach on Pacific Coast Highway with a Newport Police Department SUV hot on its tail. Seconds later, as the parking valet watches. four policemen are seen sprinting back toward PCH in hot pursuit of the suspects who jumped the wall separating the restaurant from a Ferrari dealership.

In a separate video obtained by Krikorian Writes only,  Zamensky is briefly seen looking out of a Mozza door to the parking lot waiting. according to the sources, for the stolen cab to appear. A mere 31 seconds after Zamensky opened the door to the parking lot, the stolen cab appears and the suspects exit and run off.

A source explained how Zamensky became "The Magnet."

"The first robbery was legit,"  said a law enforcement sources speaking on the condition of anonymity and referring to an armed La Brea Avenue holdup in which Zamensky was the victim. "But, RHD (LAPD'S Robbery Homicide Division) started using Doug as a set up victim.  They'd put Doug in an area and watch him. Pretty soon he would get robbed. We got Rollin 60s, Grape, Florencia, even remnants of the old Weather Underground. Doug became known as 'Th Magnet'. He's a legend."

In the latest case in Newport, the taxi cabs thieves were allegedly part of a ring that would steal just about anything and sell it at the swap meet. One of the alleged robbers is said to have a warrant out for his arrest issued by RHD. 

Zamensky could not be reached for comment.