Estanislao "Tano" Soto Named Mozza Employee of the Month

In the seven years that Mozza has been giving out the coveted Employee of the Month Award there has never been a unanimous selection. Usually a manager of one of the Corner’s restaurants will nominate a worker and another manager will say something like “You have got to be kidding?”

But, this month’s selection, the first of 2018, was, believe it or not, the first unanimous choice.  And that worker who no one could complain about??  Let’s hear it for Estanislao Soto. Who?  Oh, yeah. He’s much better known as Tano.

The reason for the long delay since the last Employee of the Month – Eva won  way back in June, 2017 - was that a team of investigative reporters from the Washington Post and Los Angeles Times had been busy for the last seven months trying to dig up something negative to say about Tano. The worst they could come up with was that two weeks ago Tano threw a paper towel in the wrong trash can.

Born and raised in Puebla City, Puebla, Tano began his career at Mozza on June 25, 2007. He left briefly to work at a downtown restaurant before realizing that no restaurant compares to Mozza and he returned,  with Nancy’s full blessings.

When chef Liz heard that Tano had been named Employee of the Month she said “I don’t have anything bad to say about Tano.” Now, that may not seem like a rave review, but since Liz has bad things to say about just about everyone, well ,it’s quite the endorsement.

Working for years side by side. A.D said “Tano has a good rapport with everybody. From the dishwashing team to the front of the house. He is a good team player.”

But, the highest praise for Tano came from a past Employee of the Month winner. Jason Emmanuel who compared Tano to one of the 20th Century’s most revered figures.

“Tano has this serene quality about him. He is never angry. He gets along with everyone.  He wants everyone to get along   Ya know, he kinda reminds me of Gandhi,” said Jason, referring to the peace activist who led India to independence over Great Britain. “Yes, Tano is the Gandhi of Mozza.”