Trump Yields To Pressure, Will Release "2nd Angle", Mythical View of "Zamensky's Fall"

With demonstrators across the nation chanting "Show it Now", President-elect Donald J. Trump has agreed to release the nearly mythical movie "2nd Angle", a stunning - and different view- of the classic American film "Zamensky's Fall'. 

Rumors have persisted for years that a second camera caught the infamous slip by Douglas Zamensky which was made into a feature film loved the world over. But, few have ever claimed to see it and millions -perhaps billions -  thought it was pure urban legend.

Until now. 

Like the original, the movie tells the story of Doug, a young white man from Idaho whose attempt to make it big in Los Angeles is thwarted by the intense needs of the staff at an Italian restaurant and by the equally demanding needs of Rollin 60s Crips who constantly rob him

Doug wisely decides to move to Orange Country and becomes the general manager of Pizzeria Mozza, Newport Beach. It is here, in the restaurant's parking lot, the movie's most famous scene occurs.

Thursday, in an attempt to united the country, Trump announced he would play "Zamensky's Fall" at his inauguration in January.    This led to the protests - allegedly organized by former Zamensky associate Chelsea  Olmstead - to also release "2nd Angle".

Trump, the the astonishment of most, agreed with the protesters. 

"Every time Don watches Doug fall, he laughs," said Kellyanne Conway, Trump's campaign manager. "And, boy, do we need some laughs now." 

The original movie, "Zamensky's Fall" can be seen in Thursday's article here - .