Trump Said To Be "Seriously Considering" Naming President Obama As Secretary of State

In a stunning statement in a stunning year, President-elect Donald J. Trump said Friday he would "seriously consider" naming President Barack Obama as his Secretary of State following their very cordial White House meeting yesterday as well as a growing bi-partisan movement in Congress urging him to do so.

The Veterans Day announcement, made by the president-elect's campaign manager Kellyanne Conway at Trump Tower, was meet with such slacked-jaw wonder by reporters, most of who thought she was joking. 

"I am not joking and neither is Mr. Trump," Conway told the gathering after seeing reporter's initial reaction. ."I can understand your skepticism, but the meeting yesterday between President Obama and Donald Trump was so unexpectedly in-accord that the subject was broached."

Conway said Trump had initially said something along the lines of  "You should be my Secretary of State," after the two agreed about the need to end the slaughterhouse that is Aleppo.

"But," Conway said, "After the two fell into step on several key issues, Mr. Trump asked the President if he would actually consider the position if offered."

Though the two meet in private, the closest aides to them were later privy to a tape of their conversation. A close aide to Obama, speaking off the record, said "The President seemed  speechless at first. but then said he would give it extremely serious thought."

The news was met with curiosity across the nation and on the world stage. 

Jim DeMint, the Republican senator from South Carolina, considered among the staunchest conservatives in all of congress, said "This is absurd,  Though even an old right-of-Goldwater codger as myself can see the advantage of having a ex-president as Secretary of State. And it would sure the heck unify a clearly divided nation."

As midnight fell on Beirut, Michael Ali, owner of the popular Azzom Pizzeria, heard the news via Skype. He shook his head, smiled and said "You Americans are crazy. That's why we love you."

Kellyanne Conway said "Mr Trump's decision to appoint Obama as Secretary of State, if he accepts that is, will be announced before Thanksgiving."