Nancy Silverton Unveils "Super Ca-Racker" At Turin Auto Show

The longest line at the Turin Auto Show this year was not to glimpse the track-only  version of LaFerrari, nor was it the Merecdes W196 that Juan Manual Fangio raced to victory in the epic 1957 German Grand Prix at the Nurburgring.  It was not at a booth showing a bootleg of a 1951 "cinema provocative" starring a 16-year-old Sopia Loren, nor was it at the first time viewing of Julius Caesar's personal six-wheel chariot. 

No,  the longest line at the Turin  Auto Show was at a small food stand near the Jaguar booth where Nancy Silverton was handing out "Super Ca-Rackers" ( see below).

Silverton has not released the ingredients, but several noted food experts believe it was comprised of some kind of cracker, topped with some kind of cheese ( likely a bufala mozzarella from Tenuta Vannulo in Cappaccio Scalo in Campagna ), then  topped with some kind of ham, (likely culatello di Zibello from Massimo Spigaroli at Antica Corte  Pallavincina) then crowned with some British Racing Green sauce Nancy made. 

Although formal records of the statistical ratings of crackers in recorded history no longer exist, those who have had the Nancy Super Ca-Racker all say there likely would be no accurate comparison to it.  

Super Caracker