Secretary of State Tillerson Would "Likely Approve" Kate Green's Rumored Passport Application; Many in Congress Protest

Breaking with the policy of five previous presidential administrations, Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson is said to be leaning toward approving a passport application  Kate Elizabeth Green is rumored to be applying for this summer, sources said. 

Tillerson, speaking in Moscow, said that approving the passport and thereby allowing Green to leave the country "might be good for America."  When CNN's Anderson Cooper asked him "how?", Tillerson replied, "We all love Kate Green, but a little break from her might not be such a bad thing."

That singular comment drew the ire of many on both sides of the congressional aisle, including Adam Schiff, (D-Calif) who blasted Tillerson for even considering such a move. "We are at a crucial moment in history in terms of the perception America gives to the rest of the world. Do we really want Kate Green traispsing around western Europe, drunk, flirting with every other man in sight. and talking shit about her own country?  I sure don't."

Green, who was born in Modesto in 1985, first applied for a passport shortly her 3rd birthday during the last full year of Ronald Reagan's second term.  

Reagan was the first president to publicly announce he would not allow Green to leave the country.  Speaking at an impromptu press conference on the White House lawn, Reagan said "Look, I've seen a photo of her throwing Watts gang signs. She's three!. Do we want her in Europe representing America. Well, friends, I don't."

Reagan's successor, George H W Bush, followed suit though rarely spoke about the issue in public.

When she 13 and 15, Bill Clinton rejected Green's passport application both times.  In their tell-all book about Clinton, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein wrote "Bill told us he rejected her application twice, but, and this is a direct quote 'If she ever wants to intern for me, I'll sign on the dotted. line.  Move over, Monica'."

In April, 22, 2003, on her 18th birthday, George W. Bush said that "approving a passport for Kate Green during our liberation of Iraq could send out a mixed signal to the rest of the world that we, America, are all about debauchery . That's not right message at this time."

Barack Obama was rumored to be leaning toward approving Green's 2014 passport application, but in the end vetoed it. Washington insiders have long suspected the president's wife, Michelle, urged him to approve Kate Green's application simply because she didn't want Kate Green in the country. "Michelle didn't trust Barack to be alone with Kate Green..She still hates that photo of Barack with Kate Green and the Mozza staff at the Hancock Park event.

Meanwhile, Tillerson, with the full backing of President Trump, told a group of reporters that there is only one obstacle to Kate Green obtaining a passport.

"President Trump and I agree there is only one impediment to Miss Green getting her passport," Tillerson said. "The only thing keeping her from going to the top of the Eiffel Tower, from walking through the rubble of Fallujah, or from simply having lunch at Osteria Francescana is Kate Green herself."

Kate Green plots a trip abroad

Kate Green plots a trip abroad