Nancy Released From Hospital As Doctors In Copenhagen Discover An Unlikely Cure For Wrinkles

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE - Reuters News Agency is reporting Nancy Silverton was released from a hospital in Copenhagen, Denmark late Saturday afternoon following a serious fall on Friday  In a kind gesture, renowned chef Rene Redzepi offered her a table tonight at Noma 2,0 to make up for the reservation she missed due to the fall. Silverton initially gleefully accepted the offer, but just minutes ago both her and Michael Krikorian decided it was prudent to cancel and recover in their room at the Strand Hotel. That decision was described by Reuters as "the only known time these to have been prudent.". 

Doctors at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen made a shocking discover Friday when an American woman was rushed into the Emergency Room after suffering a concussion and brain hemorrhaging following a brutal fall on a cobblestone street of this capital city.  Her wrinkles had almost all vanished. (She photo below)

When Silverton, 63, saw a photograph of herself she was perplexed. "Where did my wrinkles go?"

Dr. Skit Naetraoonegaard, head of emergency services at Rigs said the zultra-violent shaking of miss Silverton's head during the impact was the chief factor in the unexpected, though welcome result.

"Her head shook so violently, think a mini atomic bomb, that the wrinkles literally ran for their lives and vanished," said Naetraoonegaard. "Is it worth the risk to the brain? No. Certainly not, However, some vain Danes will probably disagree."

Apparently many have already decided the "Silverton Spill", as it has quickly become to be known, is worth it.. . 

Saturday morning, after local television first reported this story,  a rash of trip and falls were reported throughout Copenhagen. The Emergency room at Rigshospitalet was overflowing with patients, mostly female and mostly wrinkle-free.

"It hurts to do a Silverton Spill," said one patient who spoke on the condition of anonymity. "But, damn, I sure look good." 

Plastic surgeons all over the world - from Beverly Hills to St. Tropez  - are concerned this new discovery may negatively impact their lucrative business.  

Nancy suffered a hea injury Friday after she tripped on a cobblestone street in Copenhagen.   This is that story

(Editor's note - Both this and yesterday's articles and photograph were assigned and edited and approved by Nancy Silverton)