Denmark's Prime Minister Considering Travel Ban On Chef Nancy Silverton For Noma Snubs

Calling her recent behavior a "slap upside the face" of Danish culture, cuisine and icons, Denmark's Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen said Tuesday he was considering a travel ban on revered American chef Nancy Silverton and her boyfriend after their weekend visit to Copenhagen during which they twice cancelled reservations at the country's most famous restaurant. 

In a tersely worded statement, Rasmussen said Silverton and journalist Michael Krikorian "insulted Danish culture by disrespecting one of our most revered citizens. chef Rene Redzepi. of Noma restaurant.  They blew off a nearly-impossible-to get reservation not once, but twice! On consecutive nights, no less! Do you believe that lort?"

Carla Sands, the United States ambassador to Denmark was quick to reply.  "Excuse me, Prime Minister Rasmussen, but Nancy was in Rigshospitalet after suffering a serious head injury due to a cobblestone-instigated sidewalk fall. She graciously got word to Rene who,  in his kindness,  sent dessert - a plankton cake to her hospital room   There was absolutely no disrespect."

However, in a rare moment of Danish unity, the opposition party to Rasmussen's conservative liberals, the Social Democrats, sided with the prime minister.

"I understand why Silverton cancelled her Friday reservation at Noma as she was in the hospital," said former Prime Minister Halle Thoring-Schmidt. "But, why did she cancel the next day when Rene went out of his way to make room? She choose to stay in her Strand Hotel room and get take out Mexican from Rosio Sanchez.  I mean, come on. Carnitas tacos over the mystical abundance of the Nordic seas? And I  have it on good authority she has never ever cancelled at Bottura's place in Modena."'

In addition, security footage obtained from Rigshopitalet showed Silverton and Krikorian briefly enjoying a plankton mousse cake that Redzepi had graciously sent to the hospital room, but then scarfing up Lays sour cream & onion potato chips with a '47 Dr..Pepper they had brought at the hospital's lobby 7/Eleven which, by the way, is widely considered one of the best in all of Europe. 

Also, many Danes wondered if she was so ill, why was she seen throughout town following her fall dining at other restaurants?  Silverton and Krikorian were spotted at  Christian Puglisi's Baest and Manfords, and at Kristian Baumann's 108 after being released from the hospital. 

A Noma front-of-the-house employee,  Daniel. Craig Martin, confirmed the Baest sighting on Sunday evening.  "Nancy seemed just fine to me and certainly looked great," said Martin, formerly of Blue Hill at Stone Barn in New York.  "I told her we were all looking forward to her coming into Noma. One of these years."

Silverton, reached via E-mail, said she in absolutely in no way disrespected Denmark. "I simply wanted to be 100% when I went to Noma. I can't wait to come back and see Rene  As for politicians like their prime minister saying strange things. well, being from America, I am very familiar with all that bull lort."

Krikorian, reached via text, issued the following statement. "We didn't go to Noma, one of the world's greatest restaurants, I understand. But, we did go to Rigshospitalet, one of the world's best hospitals. And I'd  bet 100,000 krones, even Rene Redzepi would agree a great hospital is more important than a great restaurant. Thanks Rene, for the plankton mousse cake - one of the best we've had - and thanks to Rigshospitalet for taking care of Nancy.."

For free, So thanks to the Danish people who - with their rather high taxes - treated her hospital bill.   

Here's to Copenhagen, Denmark.

And here is the breaking news story of Nancy's frightening fall in Copenhagen last Friday

Former Denmark prime minister halle Thoring-schmidt making a point with current prime minister lars lakke rasmussen

Former Denmark prime minister halle Thoring-schmidt making a point with current prime minister lars lakke rasmussen